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That's 'me'

That’s ‘me’

 When you hear about the Self, meditate upon the Self, and finally realize the Self, you come to understand everything in life.’ 

This quotation from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad sums up the purpose of my blog pretty well. My name is Srila, and I’m passionate about yoga and yogic philosophy in all its forms. On Nachiketa’s quest, I share my thoughts and experiences about yoga, meditation and life in general, viewed through the eyes of the spiritual aspirant. One of the main themes of this blog is freedom and what the true meaning of freedom is in spiritual terms; as well as how to apply spirituality in practical terms in our lives. I hope you enjoy the articles and find something of value in my words.

My book ‘Meeting Shiva – Falling and Rising in Love in the Indian Himalayas’ was just published by Changemakers Books as well as by BPI India. You can read the first few pages on Amazon UK and Amazon US. To find out more about me, please visit www.tizianastupia.com

2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hi, I want to stay without eating like you, Do you have a manual or can you tell me the exercises you have been taught so I can manage that capability? Thank you George

    • Namaste, I think you misunderstood my article. I don’t live without eating. So unfortunately I can’t help you there 🙂 If you google ‘breatharians’, you should be able to find something. Best wishes.

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