On Freedom (by Swami Satyananda Saraswati)


‘Let my life go on as it is, in the direction it yearns to follow. Keep your knowledge, your philosophy, your spirituality, your science, your social conduct, your religion. Let my life flow splendidly as a child’s. Let me fly like the carefree birds, let me remain innocent and unknowing. I don’t want your wisdom or knowledge. I don’t need your scholarship or your books. I wish to roam in the jungles and mountains. Let me sing along with the birds, do not stop me. Let me run on paths covered with dry leaves, feeling them crunch under my feet as I run among them. Do not stop me. Let me gaze at the wondrous scenes of nature that unfold at sunrise. Let me live on the leaves of the forest, the water of the streams and the air of the vast sky. Keep your civilization, your pride, your reputation and your religion. Don’t tie me down, let me go wherever I want to. Do not bind me with the fetters of social norms and rules, do not misguide me with your religious beliefs, do not defeat me with your scientific arguments. Do not lead me astray.’


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